Thursday Jan 26, 2023

Best SEO Tools For Plagiarism

The Plagiarism Checker is a web-based duplicate content scanner tool created by SEO Tools Centre to find duplicate content/articles on any online source. The plagiarism remover is one of the SEO Tools Centre’s 100% free, effective, and dependable SEO Tools that are made available to users.

The plagiarism detection tool at SEO Tools Centre carefully checks your inputted text for any instances of duplication or plagiarism. The majority of the time, it highlights red text in your search results because some common phrases may raise red flags. Our plagiarism detection tool will reveal the precise source of any duplicate or plagiarized content copied from the internet.

Best SEO Tools For Plagiarism


This tool is the best choice if you need to check a large amount of work for plagiarism. Copyscape, introduced in 2004, is a favorite among users and performs remarkably well. The website may appear a little dated, but it still functions well.

It is one of the best tools available for determining the authenticity of any online content. But only the paid versions of it can deliver precise results.


As its name suggests, Grammarly will assist you in improving your grammar and checking your work for plagiarism.

You only need your email and a strong password to create an account. The best part is uploading your work to the website or downloading it as a Chrome extension. By doing this, the MS Word extension will detect copied content as you write.

Plagiarism Detector

The Plagiarism Detector is another free and beneficial SEO tool for plagiarism checking. Contrary to Copyscape, plagiarism detector is a free SEO tool that allows unlimited daily queries. To use the plagiarism detection tool, you can manually enter some text, upload a document, or just enter the URL of the website page you want to check.

.Despite being free, the tool has restrictions just like any other tool on the market. You are only permitted to use 1,000 words per query, and you must upgrade to the pro version if you need more. What I like about this tool is that, like Copyscape, it has an impressive detection rate despite only being a free tool.


WhiteSmoke joined Grammarly on my list of the top four proofreading tools. In many ways, WhiteSmoke and Grammarly are comparable. They have desktop integrations, unique mobile apps, and vocabulary improvement features. The tool also includes a built-in plagiarism checker if you purchased WhiteSmoke’s “Essential” plan.

Even though WhiteSmoke doesn’t offer a free option, it still has a ton of features. It has a punctuation checker, a translation tool, and plagiarism and grammar checkers. Users of WhiteSmoke have access to the plagiarism checker as part of their base subscription. This has an unlimited number of articles for $5 per month.

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