Saturday Apr 01, 2023

Tumblr Is an Ideal Blogging Platform for a Brand: Know Why

Tumblr is a famous blogging platform. With an average of 210.1 million blogs and 125,000 regular signups, Tumblr is no more only a blogging platform, since 7 years it has become a popular social platform also. This platform belongs to the top 15 sites in the USA.

Well, this platform helps us share almost everything. So, now we can effortlessly post videos, music, links, quotes, photos and text from our browser, mail, desktop, phone or wherever we happen to be. Even, customization is also possible from colors to the HTML of our theme.

In a nutshell, this user-friendly blogging community is useful for the brands, where a brand can:

– Simply access fun tools like polls
– Develop a great audience through paid opportunities within Tumblr
– Simply care the influencer content via re-blogging
– Tag and be visible to those within the Tumblr community looking for related content
– Include their blog really with an ease in the feed of Instagram

Since it was acquired by Yahoo last year, Tumblr had:

– 24bn minutes are spent on site every month
– 120,000 daily signups
– 900 posts every second
– 105 million different blogs
– More than 300 million monthly new visitors

However, it is found that this platform has a large base of young users and thus it is developing rapidly. This blogging site is the 5th most visited site in the United States.

So, what are the advantages of Tumblr which make it accessible to every user and brand? Let’s have a discussion:

1. Completely free:

In order to use Tumblr as a blogging platform, no initial fee is required. It also provides some free good quality designs for using in the blog.

2. Mobile optimized:

As this blogging community is mobile optimized, a user need not have to scroll through the blog for reading it. Thus, if we have a mobile-optimized site, we can use a Tumblr blog for making a mobile presence.

3. Custom domain name:

According to the needs, a person can also get a blog’s custom domain name on Tumblr. The advantage of getting a custom domain name is that it can easily be utilized in a site as the main blog.

4. Interlink with Google Analytics:

It is completely simple for analyzing and monitoring the traffic to the Tumblr blog utilizing Google Analytics.

5. Improving SEO:

Posted blogs can be accessed easily from the internet directly on Tumblr. Even, search engines quickly index these posted blogs on this platform, which helps make a brand visible in the search engine and increase its rank in SERP. So, it helps improve the SEO procedure.

Content marketing is a great way to promote a brand online and Tumblr is an incredible community for SEO. This easy portal helps get blogs indexed in the search engines. Well, this is not everything. We can also utilize Tumblr for building do-follow inbound links to a site.

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